Tucker | Hester, LLC offers its clients the option of participating in a free of charge extranet on their case. The Tucker | Hester, LLC extranet allows clients to log in to their secure, private area from any computer connected to the Internet to review and comment on the status of their case, including: reviewing and downloading important documents, reviewing to-do items, checking important deadlines, and reviewing and leaving messages for Tucker | Hester, LLC attorneys and staff at any time--day or night.


Tucker | Hester, LLC clients do not have to worry about being charged for calling up their attorney to get basic information and documents on their own case.


The Tucker | Hester, LLC extranet is more secure than e-mail because the information stays on a secure server which is accessible only by password. The data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. The extranet is hosted and managed by a company that uses high-level "SSL" encryption and daily backups.


Each client has a separate site that can be accessed only by that client and Tucker | Hester, LLC attorneys and designated staff. The extranet features a message section, to-do list area, deadline area with calendar synching options, and a document storage area for easy up- and down-loading of documents. Clients are automatically notified by email of all new items posted to their extranet area. Likewise, Tucker | Hester, LLC attorneys and designated staff also receive email notice of items posted to the area by clients.


Tucker | Hester, LLC does not charge clients for the cost of providing the extranet site on their cases.


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